JIS – Just in Sequence

“Just in sequence” is the epitome of an optimised process chain. Due to intelligently linked processes, it is possible to implement an extremely effective and efficient material flow.

Outside observers are often subject to the deception that the JIS process chain is a pure feature of highly complex automobile manufacturing and, in accordance with this, transferability is not possible.

However, C-JIS shows proof that a variety of optimisation characteristics of the JIS process can be transferred to other product development fields. Fundamentally, the following essential components can be recognised again and again: a product, ordering a product, a defined delivery time, a coordinator in charge, several technical submodules, a logistics chain, central assembly, and a quality guarantee.

This principle has been tried and tested, particularly in the automotive industry. Complexity, a wide variety, traceability, precise adherence to cycle times as well as 100% quality have been a standard there for decades. In the face of ever-increasing difficulty to compete at a global level, the resulting cost pressure forces suppliers to achieve masterful efficiency in order to be able to successfully exist as a company over the long term.

“Just in Sequence” means having the right product in the right configuration at the right time and at the right place.

Thereby, a minimum level of inventory and short delivery times are realised at the same time. All occurring risks are identified in advance, assessed and mitigated using a specific course of measures. Inevitable fluctuations in the incoming orders are handled without fluctuation in productivity.

In order to resolve these apparent contradictions, a stringent process system is required. This has to do with the implementation of far more than the intelligent planning or outsourcing of peripheral processes. A consistently corresponding system of employees, processes and components is crucial. We have the required experience to implement this triad in practice, both consistently and harmoniously.

Areas of application

In order to be able to estimate sensible options of collaboration in an improved manner, several indicators are listed in the following that can be significantly influenced via our range of services directly.

Indicators for a potential JIS process

  1. Shorter delivery times
  2. Optimisation of supplier component availability
  3. Adapting to market needs
  4. Optimisation / minimisation of the warehousing
  5. Reduction of the capital costs
  6. Optimisation of the assembly of components
  7. Ensuring quality
  8. Mastering a high level of variant diversity
Delivering products in the determined time frame
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